larissaelaine (larissaelaine) wrote,

The Fog

Written Tuesday January 13th:
My blood sugar is 44.
I'm writing this to keep my mind off dying! Maybe I wouldn't die. Pass out at the worst. Probably...

I'm crying and I'm tired. I'm tired. Thirty-one years of low blood sugars. Scared that it might be the one time that pushed my body to the limit and it succumbed.

Thirty-one years of high blood sugars, but now it's low
I can't think straight sometimes when it's low. Like, literally, I can't grasp whatever I'm supposed to do at all!

Normally, that's when I've been very low for a long period of time. (At this point, it's been about 10 mins.)

Low brain activity usually happens when blood sugars won't come up no matter if I eat Hershey, PA.

Those times are difficult! We all know what's coming next. (If you don't, you will).

I was low for two hours straight the other day. I think it was a combination of too much insulin that I bolused for food while I was still experiences lower levels, slow stomach issues and/or maybe my pancreas got scared again. It better be- Very scared!

When a low occurs (especially one that lasts for more than 20 mins), later it will raise significantly. I'm talking 300 or more! 😱

Lows that I experience make me sleepy as unto death. Let me explain...when I have lows sometimes, I could go to sleep and never wake up. Like the most peaceful, amazing sleep ever. Relaxed, not-a-care-in-the-world feelings!

Then I shiver. I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside, I. Am. Freezing! after a low. Anything like 40 and or below.

Normally to bring up low blood sugar, I drink juice-apple, grape, white grape, or fruit juice.
Today, I ate a banana with a little bit of icing because it was so low.

I'm just really sad because today is a busy day and unless I take a small nap, I'll never make it. I'll be so tired and never be able to accomplish anything. It's so absolutely frustrating.

The above I wrote at about 12 pm. It is now 4 and my son is at his violin lesson, so I can finish...

After writing the above and making sure my blood sugar was okay, I took a nap.

I get tired a lot easier now when my blood sugars drop. I have to take a nap or I can't function. Literally, can not function. I noticed this more so the past couple of years. It seems to be getting worse over time.

Even after getting up from my nap today, I was very foggy headed and probably could have slept at least a few more hours.

I did eat a hardy lunch after I woke up and that seemed to help, but it took an hour or two to come out of the fog.

What causes you to have foggy-headed days?
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